Our plans for the forthcoming year 2014-2015

Shana Tova Greetings!

As we enter the new year, it is our great pleasure to send you our Shana Tova greetings, together with a preview of new programs and projects which we intend to implement. We are constantly striving to do more for the children entrusted in our care and their families, to heal, empower and strengthen them and offer them a better life and future.


Our plans for the forthcoming year 2014-2015


1. Upgrade multi-disciplinary communication between the educational and therapeutic professional staff members, i.e. counselors, social workers, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers and national service girls.


2. Enhance the professionalism and diversity of expertise of the therapeutic staff, through workshops and a variety of training courses that will take place during the year.


3. Introduce computerization of all the educational and therapeutic procedures, reports and data of the organization.


4. Launch a new program for that will conduct the entire individualized treatment programs of at-risk children and their families at their homes, operated in clusters by the Talpiot professionals, to heal, treat and enhance parental skills at the home and prevent removal to the residential arrangements in the village.


5. Launch a residential program for young single mothers and their young children on the Talpiot village premises, that will provide parent-child boarding facilities while getting counseling, training and employment skills.


6. Introduce a new working model for ongoing cooperation between the Talpiot psychologists and the educational/therapeutic staff at the Talpiot Village.


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