Safari Trip

When we told the children that we were planning a tripo to the safari, there was instant

excitement. Many of our children had seen lions and elephants only on TV and the computer

screen. The minute they knew that they would be seeing the animals up close- they were

very happy! We started the day at the safari with a guided tour and we learned many new

things about the animals. The children were very inquisitive and asked questions about the

animals, the area and places we passed along the way.

After lunch in a park next to the Safari we went to the Herzliya Marina where we boarded a

boat for a cruise with a lot of music and fun. The sea air and wonderful atmosphere added to

the children’s good mood and enthusiasm.

One of the children asked a question, “Why did you take us on such a special trip just like

that in the middle of the year?” We explained that we wanted to give them a special day

away from daily routines and homework and with the help of “Chazon Israel” we were able

to do just that and more.

We are grateful to “Chazon Israel” for their generosity in helping us reach our goal of giving

our children a new and unforgettable experience where our children could learn through

doing and be out in nature for a day. We hope you heard the loud thank you we yelled to

“Chazon Israel” as we were photographed wearing our new scarves.


February, 2015



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