Our plans for the forthcoming year 2015-2016

Shana Tova Greetings!


As we enter the new year, it is our great pleasure to send you our Shana Tova greetings, together with a preview of new programs and projects which we intend to implement. We are constantly striving to do more for the children entrusted in our care and their families, to heal, empower and strengthen them and offer them a better life and future.


Plans for the forthcoming year 2015-2016


A special computer program for documentation of all reports, procedures, and data has been designed specifically for children villages. It will be launched at Talpiot as a pilot study.


Our first community foster family unit will be opened in Hadera. It is designed for the older children, aged 13-15, who cannot ever return to their natural homes. The unit will function in the community like the foster family units in the Village. The children will reside in this framework until they graduate from high school at the age of 18.


A new 5-year strategic plan has been designed for Talpiot, and will soon be implemented, following approval by the Board of Directors.


We will begin refurbishing and constructing apartments for families chosen to participate in our new residential program for at-risk children and their family. The entire family will reside in the Talpiot village and will enjoy parent-child boarding facilities, while receiving counseling, therapy, training and employment skills.


We will seek additional necessary funding for launching the new At-Home Intensive Family Treatment program, which will involve young dysfunctional families in the community, whose children are prone to be removed to residential facilities away from home.  The entire therapeutic framework of the children village will be implemented at the home of these families, so that children remain with their family and are not removed.


The working model for ongoing cooperation between the Talpiot psychologists and the educational/therapeutic staff will be integrated into the organization.


We will continue to enhance the standard and diversity of expertise of our therapeutic staff, through workshops and a variety of training courses.


Additional child-parent activities will be introduced to bolster our efforts to create normative relations and healthy communication between at-risk children and their parents.


Shem Tov Weizman, Director of Talpiot

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