Regional After School Day Care Program

“The program has made an enormous impact on my granddaughter’s life, which will significantly influence her future, and I am thankful for that”

Grandmother of an 11 year old girl in the program

Young children from problematic and dysfunctional families on the borderline of risk, suffer from emotional and behavioral disorders, that impact on their behavioral, social and scholastic performance. Since their parents are incapable of caring for them adequately, they are in danger of dropping out of school, roaming the streets and consequently, may be removed from their homes.

To create a rehabilitating change within the borderline at-risk family that will prevent the removal of the children to out-of-home residential facilities.


  • Improve the children’s emotional, social and scholastic capabilities
  • Strengthen the bond between children and their parents
  • Improve parental skills
  • Empower the family system
  • Target Population
  • The facility cares for some eighty children aged 5-13 and their families, who reside in Hadera and its environs.

Program Description
Children are referred to the program by the welfare authorities. They are picked up from the various schools in the community, to spend the entire afternoon at the Talpiot Children Village, where they receive meals, therapy, scholastic reinforcement, homework assistance and extra-curricular enrichment activities. Concurrently, their parents participate in a rehabilitation and prevention program, which includes: family and couple counseling, child-parent dyadic therapy and group therapy. Participation in the program is limited to three years. Parents are an integral part of the daily social activities.

Donation Designation

  • Family and parental therapy and counseling
  • Scholastic reinforcement
  • Specialized therapies and social activities
  • Refurbishment of premises