Scholastic Excellence Promotion

“I believe there are many actions which you perform professionally and creatively, which we should study and apply elsewhere”

Shmuel Dukov, Ministry of Education

The at-risk children who reside in the Village manifest various emotional and behavioral problems, caused by tragic and traumatic experiences they have encountered at home. These children are generally weaker students and have difficulties adjusting socially into the school framework. They need extensive scholastic reinforcement in order to improve their grades, lever their learning potential and impact on their ambition to excel at school. They also needsupportive incentives that will boost their ego and self-confidence and encourage them to strive for higher goals.

Target Population
Children aged 9-15, who demonstrate above average learning potential and reside in the residential and day care facilities at Talpiot.

To encourage scholastic excellence, promote intellectual thinking and responsibility and create an experience of success, which will bolster self-image and confidence.


  • Promote above-average scholastic achievement
  • Build a team spirit for excellence
  • Improve social integration at school
  • Generate an ambience of ambition in the Village
  • Create role models for excellence

Program description
The “Leading to Success” excellence-promoting program is a newly-added component of the Talpiot comprehensive, scholastic reinforcement framework at the Village. A group of 25 children aged 9-15, who demonstrate above-average learning capabilities, receive five weekly hours of tuition in English, Mathematics and Hebrew Reading Comprehension, provided by a team of hand-picked, highly-experienced teachers. The program is accompanied by a social worker and counselors. The children study in small groups of up to four in a group. The program will also offer the children participation in the science-promoting educational center Technoda in Hadera, and will conduct social-cultural activities i.e. excursions, movies, concerts etc., designed to promote team spirit. Through intensive exercise, training, experiential studies, caring and encouragement, these children will acquire the tools for success.

Donations Designation

  • Expansion of tuition hours
  • Participation in Technoda programs in Hadera
  • Social-cultural activities outside the Village