At-Risk Family Treatment

“Talpiot should be a national model for the treatment of at-risk children in Israel and abroad”

Zevulun Orlev, former Minister of Welfare


At-risk children referred by welfare authorities to Talpiot Children Village’s residential and day care facilities, come from tragic and problematic dysfunctional family backgrounds. The parents are often themselves products of multi-generational dire life circumstances, which have impacted on their parental capabilities. Under such circumstances, it is the entire family that needs to be addressed.

To rehabilitate and empower the at-risk family as one composite unit and create a change that will enable children to grow up in their natural homes.


  • Improve parental functioning
  • Improve relations between parents and children
  • Train parents for the workplace
  • Enable swift return of the children
  • Prevent removal of additional children to out-of-home arrangements

Target Population
The program targets some 300 at-risk families – 1000 children, referred to Talpiot by welfare authorities in the region, for reasons such as physical and emotional neglect, poverty, parental dysfunction, mental illness, addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Close to 50% are new immigrant families, many of whom are single-parent families.

Program Description
Each family participates in a treatment program specifically suited to its needs and rehabilitative capabilities. The children receive psychological support, pet, art and music therapies, enrichment activities and scholastic reinforcement. Their parents are obligated to participate in individual and group therapy and counseling, as well as job seeking and family budget training. The program’s perspective is holistic and includes, when necessary, monthly food supplies and house maintenance. Children are returned home after a restricted period of time in the Village.

Donation Designation
Comprehensive family-focused therapeutic and rehabilitating intervention program