Music Therapy

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Berthold Auerbach, German Jewish poet and author

Music therapy has been found to be very effective in treating at-risk children who have experienced various types of trauma in the family. It builds a constructive relationship between the at-risk child and his therapist, and subsequently improves the child’s self-image, boosts his self-confidence and produces a positive change in his behavior and general performance.

To treat, empower and enrich the children at the Talpiot Children Village through the medium of music in its many forms.


  • Impact on the effectiveness and success of the therapeutic process
  • Enrich the children’s spirit
  • Empower the children and improve their social status
  • Connect with the wider community

Target Population
The program initially targets at-risk children aged 6-16 who reside in the residential and day care facilities at the Talpiot Children Village. The program will also cater to music-loving children who live in the vicinity of the Village.

Program Description
The Comprehensive Therapeutic-Educational Music Enrichment Program is conducted in the Rudman Art and Music Center, which houses several music rooms, a wide variety of musical instruments, a recording studio and all the necessary recording equipment. The children are advised on the choice of instrument and attend a strict schedule of weekly individual or group lessons. The program also includes a children choir, wind and percussion ensembles, which target motivated children to more intensive musical activity and the opportunity to perform before audiences.

Donation Designation

  • Enlarging the music staff
  • Expanding the music tuition hours
  • Professional recording of choir and ensembles