Child and Family Center

“We believe that preventive measures, together with therapeutic responses to crisis situations, can empower and stabilize the family and thus enable children  to grow up and develop in a healthy and supportive environment”.

 Orli Nativ, director of the Center

The Talpiot Child and Family Center is a unique framework of cooperation and pooling of human and financial resources, between Talpiot Community for Its Children, the municipal Education and Welfare Departments of Or Akiva and the Ministry of Social Services. Since its establishment, its impact on the city is generating a significant conceptual change regarding problems in the family. The focus of all involved in this partnership has today shifted from the child to the entire family system.


In 2008 the non-profit organization Talpiot initiated and developed a comprehensive framework of cooperation with the municipality of Or Akiva, in order to establish a Child and Family Center in the city. The Center was planned to offer a myriad of treatment, prevention and counseling services for families in the city seeking help and guidance. The concept was to create a center, which would offer an intensive and comprehensive spectrum of responses for a wide variety of families, all under one roof. Or Akiva has a relatively large percentage of low-income disadvantaged families,  a relatively large volume of new immigrants and the high percentage of single-parent families.

Based on the demographic profile of Or Akiva- relatively high rates of disadvantaged families, new immigrants and single-parent families, it was considered a relevant action to the social growth of the city,  to establish an effective framework of services for children and families. A centralized venue functioning in full cooperation with the authorities, would offer comprehensive responses for a variety of difficulties and problems with which many of the city’s residents have to cope.

To establish the Center as a major treatment and information disseminating body in the city of Or Akiva, specializing in the field of parenthood and at-risk family


  • Increase the number of at-risk families receiving treatment
  • Conduct a large number of parent groups throughout the year
  • Offer the city professional responses in dealing with violence and sexual abuse

Target Population
Children aged 5-22 and families residing in Or Akiva, who are experiencing various types of crises.

Since its establishment, the Center operates in three major tracks:

1. The regional, multidisciplinary Children-Parents Center for at-risk families. The Center serves some 60 families and receives ten new appeals per month

2.  The Training and Prevention Family and Couple Counseling Center, which provides workshops and parent groups counseling on various issues i.e. ADHD, separation and divorce, adolescence, games, psychodrama. The Center currently serves some 100 clients and operates 6-8 parent groups during the year

3. The Etgar Program and the Young Parenthood Center, which provide group and at-home counseling to young parents of very young children aged 4-6, who need parent training and empowerment. This Center serves 40 families.

In response to requests from different sectors in the community, the Child and Family Center provides outreach lectures and counseling.

Donations designation

  • Increase the capacities to absorb many more children and families
  • Increase the professional staff
  • Develop more services for the community