Rimonim Sexual Abuse Day Care Center for Children

“Combating the rise of sexual abuse among children requires increased system efficiency to raise awareness and develop therapeutic responses”

Dr. Nirit Weisbord, Director of Rimonim

Special Need
While there has been a troubling increase of sexual abuse among children, whether victims or perpetrators, the response in the community at large and the professional expertise of the pertinent bodies, have been partial. Until the opening of the Rimonim Regional Sexual Abuse Day Care Center for Children in 2008, there was no comprehensive and specialized response in the entire region.

To establish a regional, therapeutic framework specializing in sex abuse among children, that will also serve as a professional training and counseling center


  • Provide immediate and long-term therapeutic responses to young victims of sexual abuse
  • Provide immediate and long-term therapeutic responses to young sex offenders and prepare risk assessments
  • Offer therapeutic and counseling responses to the families
  • Train and counsel relevant authorities in the region
  • Create an infrastructure for prevention

Target Population
Rimonim treats young victims and perpetrators of sex-abuse aged 3-19 and their families. Its centers in Hadera and Netanya, and its outreach branches in various towns and villages, provide their services to a wide population in a large geographic area from Hof Carmel to Herzliya. Both centers are officially recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Program Description
Rimonim intakes sexually-abused children from a large region and from all strata of Israeli society. The victims receive immediate and often long-term trauma-focused psycho-therapy, provided by specialists trained in this field. Rimonim offers the families therapy, counseling and support. It also serves as a training and information disseminating body, aimed to educate and raise awareness on the issue among the relevant authorities and professionals working in the community.

Talpiot’s Rimonim Treatment Center for Sexual Abuse Among Children held a professional conference in the Talpiot Children Village in February 2014, on the topic of specialized methodology for treatment of sexually abused children. Over 150 social workers, school counselors, therapists, psychologists and directors of the municipal educational and psychological service, participated in this conference.
All lectures and panels were presented and conducted by leading staff of the Rimonim Center in Hadera and Netanya. Rimonim also held lectures on the issue of sex abuse among children, for over 200 kindergarten teachers, in Pardes Hanna and Ra’anana.

Donation Designations

  • Extension of treatment hours for the children
  • Increase of counseling hours for the families
  • Expansion of services to additional communities