“Bridge To Life” Transition Home for Residence Graduates

Special Needs
Each year, several hundred teenagers without a supportive family, graduate at the age of 18 from the various out-of-home facilities. Having spent most of their childhood in institutions, they lack the skills necessary to manage themselves and become productive and independent citizens. No official authority is responsible for their wellbeing and successful integration into society as individuals.

To provide a supportive transitional life-skill training frameworks to homeless graduates of out-of-home facilities and prepare them to become independent adults.


  • Provide temporary housing
  • Implement a treatment counseling program
  • Provide job seeking and vocational training
  • Encourage socialization in the community

Target population
The program is provided to seven young females aged 18-24 from the area of Hadera, who have graduated from out-of-home residential facilities and have no family backup.

Program Description
A group of seven young woman, who graduated from residential facilities and have no home to return to, are offered a transitional and supporting response. They are given living quarters, and participate in a program which includes counseling in vocational education, job seeking and budget management. After a transitional period of two years, these young women are better prepared to go out into the world as independent adults.

Donation Designation

  • Temporary housing
  • Temporary income
  • Vocational and general education opportunities
  • Psychological therapy