Junior High School

“We highly appreciate Talpiot’s wonderful educational effort, which benefits the pupils, their families and the community”

Edna Klein, Residential Facilities Division, Ministry of Education

At-risk children from the Talpiot Children Village and from the city of Hadera, require a supportive and intimate educational framework, which addresses their special needs and difficulties. They need to study in small classes, have a close relationship with their teachers and receive a great deal of assistance in their studies.

To provide at-risk children with a good education, in a supportive and specialized framework.


  • Strengthen the children’s self-confidence
  • Raise the children’s accomplishments
  • Help the children realize their learning potential
  • Improve their behavioral, communicative and social skills
  • Improve their functioning within an educational framework
  • Enrich and expand the children’s horizon



Target Population
The Junior High School student body includes some 50 children aged 12-15, who come from the Talpiot Children Village, from the Neve Michael Children Village and from the city of Hadera.

Program Description
The Talpiot Junior High School includes five classes from 7th – 9th grade: two regular classes and three special education classes. Each student is offered a framework and learning level which best suits him. The school offers special activities designed to meet the needs and preferences of each child and maintains close contact with the parents. The school provides computer classes and encourages internet-based research studies. Emphasis is also placed on sports activities and participation in regional competitions.

Donations Designations

  • Scholastic reinforcement
  • Computers
  • Installment of central heating and air-conditioning
  • Refurbishment