How You Can Help

Support the Talpiot Families

We encourage donors to join us as our partners, in the education and treatment of our children and youth and in the rehabilitation of their families. Donations will enable us to implement a specific and comprehensive treatment program for each at-risk child and family at Talpiot and in the community, and to provide a wide spectrum of repsonses, such as parenthood training, family counseling, job seeking skills, scholastic reinforcement, enrichment and recreational activities. Support for our child and family focused activities will enable Talpiot to return children to their homes. Any financial support for the benefit of our children is appreciated and welcomed.

Sponsor A Child

There are many ways to touch the life of a child in need. A personal letter, a kind word from an adult, a visit, a small gift, a phone call before a holiday – these are the kind gestures that restore our children’s sense of hope and reassure them that there are kind people, who care for their well being. Sponsoring a child could mean a weekly hour dedicated to a variety of activities with the child, whether in the VIllage or at some pleasurable venue in the community. It could also mean an occasional invitation to spend the weekend at your home. The relationships formed with caring adults touch the lives of our children in ways they will never forget.

Spread the Word

For all those who are acquainted with the work we do with our children and our success in rehabilitating their families and returning the children to their homes, your help is needed in spreading the word about Talpiot. Telling your friends and colleagues about Talpiot and encouraging them to join us in our endeavors, will enable us to increase the scope of our friends and supporters. Our website can serve as a reliable source of information and news.