Therapeutic Residential Family Units

“I always knew that the foster family facility was also my home”

Mother of a girl in a foster family unit

Specific Needs
At-risk children in the Hadera region, who are referred to out-of-home arrangements by the welfare authorities or are removed from their homes by court order, need a therapeutic, rehabilitating, warm and supportive framework and environment, which can temporarily substitute for their natural family.

To provide a comprehensive treatment program to at-risk children and their families, within warm and supportive substitute homes in the Talpiot Children Village, geared to prepare them for their return home after a restricted period of time.


  • Provide a warm and supportive temporary home
  • Obligate participation of parents in rehabilitation and treatment actions
  • Improve children’s behavioral and emotional patterns
  • Return children home after three years
  • Assure successful integration of returned children in their homes

Target Population
Some 120 at-risk children aged 5-15, who were removed from their homes by welfare authorities or by court order, and reside in ten therapeutic family units.

Program Description
Talpiot Children Village has ten therapeutic foster family units, which are constructed as large and spacious apartments. Each unit houses twelve children of different ages, a married couple who are the counselors and serve as their foster parents, and two National Service young women who assist the  counselors. A social worker is assigned to each family unit and is responsible for the specifically suited therapeutic program of each child and his family. The children reside in the Village for an average period of three years and study in schools in the community. Besides individual and group psychological treatment, the children receive a variety of therapies i.e. pet therapy, music, drama, movement, art aned photo therapy. In addition, they receive scholastic reinforcement and enjoy a wide variety of enrichment and recreational activities.

Donations Designation

  • Family and parental treatment and counseling
  • Scholastic reinforcement
  • Specialized therapies
  • Refurbishment
  • Computers